"Ice Pirates, The" (1984) Vhs

Alternate Title:Piratas das Galáxias
IMDB Rating:RsRsRsRsRsRgsGsGsGsGs 5.6/10
Plot:Alan Caillou, Marcia Lewis, Daryl Roach, Robert Symonds and Gary Brockette as "Percy the Robot"
It's as mighty thirsty universe [10,000 years into the future] whose entire water supply is controlled by the evil Templar Empire. They ship Frozen blocks of the precious fluid across the far reaches of Space. Only the Ice Pirates - the bravest bunch of buccaneers ever to steer a starship - can hijack the frozen treasure.
A dazzling display of weird creatures and wild special effects, Ice Pirates reaches far into fantasy to create a universe of visual excitement - a time and place belonging only to the realm of imagination. Robert Ulrich plays the dashing pirate leader with plenty of swash and buckle while Mary Crosby sizzles as the interstellar beauty who captures our hero's heart.
Loaded with thrills and romance, Ice Pirates bursts with the energy of the stars to bring you first-rate inter-galactic entertainment. Get on board with the Ice Pirates for the wildest space ride this side of the Milky Way!
Color, 93 MIN, 1984
1984 MGM/UA Home Video
Length (minutes):1 Hour 31 Minutes
  • PG
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