"Nowhere Fast" (1997) Dvd

Alternate Title:Nowhere Fast
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Plot:It's just another day in the city, yet for a handful of people, it could be their last. This film powerfully weaves together the stories of its desperate characters and depicts the dangerous hours they face during one fateful day. Cinque (played by director Cinque Lee) escapes from a psychiatric hospital, wanting to spend the day with a son he hasn't seen in many years. His ex-wife fears the worst and frantically searches for the missing child. Her junkie "Wall Street" husband survives a car-jacking only to be stalked by a crazed and vicious client. The carjacker stumbles upon a stash of cocaine and a cold-blooded killer looking to get it back. Each character seems headed straight for disaster, going "nowhere fast." Amid the escalating tension and gathering clouds of violence, two kids get their hands on a loaded gun that ignites the shattering and explosive climax. At once brutally realistic and deeply moving, Nowhere Fast features an outstanding ensemble cast, gritty street-wise cinematography and the gripping performance of its director and star.
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