"Fall of the Louse of Usher, The" (2002) Dvd

Alternate Title:The Fall of the Louse of Usher
UPC ID:014381015720
Plot:From outrageous director Ken Russell (Tommy, Altered States) comes this weirdly inventive film ripped screaming from the pages of Edgar Allan Poe! Russell adds his own unique brand of humor, twisted vision and musical genius to the legendary eerie tale. Found guilty of murdering his wife, rock star Roderick Usher is sent to an asylum where, in a padded cell, he's at the mercy of Dr. Calahari (Russell himself!), whose mind-blowing shock treatments set off a series of bizarre, nightmarish adventures. As Roderick undergoes the mind-bending therapy, Dr. Calahari and the luscious but strange Nurse Smith unravel the shocking truth behind the Louse of Usher!
Length (minutes):1 Hour 23 Minutes
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