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Alternate Title:24 Hours to Midnight [VHS]
Plot:24 Hours to Midnight (1992)- (Feat. Cynthia Rothrock, Bernie Pock, Myra Cothan, Stack Pierce)
24 Hours to Midnight may just be the most important film ever made by the glorious AIP Studios (As noted in other reviews this isn't saying much!)!!! Neither the shitty and unflattering picture on the cover or any of the pictures on the back of the VHS let on to the fact that this is A NINJA MOVIE!!!!! Yes, and Cynthia Rothrock is the Ninja!!! When Devon Grady's (Cynthia Rothrock) husband is killed by mob hit-men she must have a bloody revenge!!! Grady must put on a jean jumpsuit and go to Mexico to talk to her and her husband's martial arts teacher and get the packet which lists all the people in the mob who ordered her husband's hit!!! Now it is time for murder!!! Grady takes her duffle bag of ninja weapons to a crappy hotel and suits up into her black ninja outfit!!! This scene is awesome- Rothrock has a tits stunt double for when she changes her clothes!!! Those are certainly not Rothrock's boobs... great!!!!!
Grady takes one ninja weapon with her each time she goes out for a kill, taking out the mob one thug at a time!! The best ninja weapons are of course the piano wire tied between two sticks, the car bomb and the revolver?! Grady is also deadly with a compound bow and a ninja sword as are all ninjas!!! It is radical when Grady drives around in her shitty, brown car in the middle of the day in her ninja suit- how stealth!!! It is also totally dope when Grady jacks a helicopter and its pilot so she can chase down a boat and blow it up!!!! The greatest scene is repeated in flash backs a million times and is of Grady crying in her car after her husband's death (Rothrock sure is good at pretending to cry?!)!!! Note to all directors- repeat all the shittiest scenes of your movie over and over again in flash backs!! This is a ninja film crummy enough that all ninja movie fans must see it- besides, it has Cynthia Rothrock in it and she is amazing?!!!!
Directed by Leo T. Fong
Length (minutes):1 Hour 31 Minutes
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