"High Risk" (1981) Dvd

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Plot:Over-worked and under-paid at their nine-to-fives, a quartet of would-be thieves, Stone (James Brolin), Tony (Chick Vennera), Dan (Bruce Davison), and Rockney (Cleavon Little) attempt to do what all criminals attempt to do - plan the perfect crime. The men hire a pair of incompetent pilots (who bring humor to this action-packed adventure) and devise a scheme to rip off South American drug lord Serrano (James Coburn). The plan is to break into Serrano's mansion and extract a sum of five million dollars from his safe. But getting the money proves easier than getting out of the jungle, and soon the rookie thieves have a group of bandits, led by a man named Mariano (Anthony Quinn), on their heels. And perhaps the most dangerous threat - not far behind them and closing in fast - is a threateningly powerful force - the Columbian Army. Can this group of four men escape their numerous formidable trackers and make off with the loot? The odds are stacked against them...
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