"Blood Tide" (1982) Dvd

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Plot:The River Niger The River Niger is a searing saga of an African American family's struggles to overcome poverty and bigotry as they make their way in a society that holds them down. As things begin to improve, the family must face the internal wounds and animosities made by choices and indignities long past. The River Niger features some of the finest work by a cast of great actors, James Earl Jones and Cecily Tyson are magnetic and moving in their roles. Blood Tide An unspeakable monster lurks deep beneath the sea, near a picturesque Greek village. Mistakenly freed from the deep, it is unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. Mayhem erupts, and a team of experts rushes in. Unsure of what they are up against, not knowing who to trust, they must battle the beast as best they can, as they fight to stave off annihilation. Blood Tide is a thriller in the classic tradition with excellent performances from Jones and Ferrer.
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