"Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre's 30th Anniversary Reunion" (2005) Dvd

Alternate Title:Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre's 30th Anniversary Reunion (2005)Bill Allard
Plot:Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre is one of the most influential comedy troupes from the 1970s and 1980s. Their comedy has influenced everyone from Matt Groening(creator of "The Simpson") to Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller), and from Joel Hodgson(creator of "Mystery Science Theater 3000") to Caleb Carr(author of "The Alienist").

From the University of Iowa, to national acclaim on NPR, PBS, Fox, MTV, Nickelodeon and HBO - the Duck's bring you their 30th Anniversary commemorative DVD, a much anticipated compendium of classic (and New) sketches, capturing thirty years of goofy comedic genius in live performance, with commentaries by the Duck's, and Dr. Science. Thrill to the antics of Randee of the Redwoods, Sister Mundi-Mister Johnson, Ian Shoales, and Mr. Talljars, in such classic sketches as Art Show, Four Hole Buick (Car Opera), and More Than a Box, to name a few.

DVD Special Features
1. Rehearsals and a backstage look at the live performance
2. Two commentaries, one by Dr. Science and the other by all the Ducks
3. A trip through the first 30 years of Duck's Breath
4. A rare 1977 film starring the Ducks
5.Selected sketches from Public Radio's "Duck's Breath Homemade Radio."
Length (minutes):1 Hour 5 Minutes
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